Annual Leave

What is my annual leave entitlement?

Your annual leave entitlement is based on your terms and conditions, role, length of service and working pattern.  Leave is counted in days.  You will find your entitlement by accessing your EOL account.  

For information on how to access EOL see related pages below.

How to I request annual leave?

Before you request annual leave, for the days you are requesting you must ensure:

  • All on-call and night shifts have been swapped with a colleague
  • Leave dates are more than 6 weeks in advance

If the above has been met, you can request the annual leave dates through your EOL account.  Annual leave must be requested for all activity that would normally be worked.

How do I know if my leave request has been approved?

Each leave request is assessed against the minimum staffing levels required.  Once your leave has been approved or declined you will receive an email notification from the eRoster system.  If leave has been declined you will be given a reason.  

For further information, please see the policy in related downloads below.

Bank Holidays

When a bank holiday is worked, time off in lieu is given in the form of an additional day of annual leave. 

This is added to your annual leave entitlement in the eRoster by the Medical Staffing team.

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