Salary Sacrifice Schemes

Benefits of salary sacrifice
Salary sacrifice is when you agree to exchange part of your salary so you can get extra benefits from your employer.  

The key advantages of salary sacrifice can be:

  • Greater take home pay, as you will be paying lower National Insurance contributions 
  • Tax savings on your purchase 
  • Cost spread over monthly payments

Does salary sacrifice have any effect on statutory benefits?
Entering into a salary sacrifice scheme means that your gross pay is reduced by the relevant salary sacrifice payment. It is important that you are aware that this may have an impact on Statutory Benefits such as Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credits. It may also effect your entitlement to state benefits.

How do I access salary sacrifice schemes offered by the Trust?
All salary sacrifice schemes are accessible via our employee benefits provider VIVUP.
To access a scheme please register via  VIVUP (link below) ensuring you select East Cheshire NHS Trust as your place of work.
Further information about each of the salary sacrifice schemes currently offered by the Trust is provided below.


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