Appraisal Policy and Documentation

Appraisal Policy and Documentation 2021/22


In recognition of the challenges the pandemic has brought  we want to use a different approach for appraisal this year. We recognise that many staff have not have had an appraisal in the last 12 months or had time to undertake training and development, if objectives were set you may not have had the opportunity to meet them. Rather than undertake our normal appraisal process we want you to have a good conversation with your manager- It will be about having  time to Reflect, Re-energise and Re-focus.


REFLECT- recognise and remember the challenges and achievements of the past 12 months. What went well, what could have been better and what are you most proud of?

RE-ENERGISE- take time to think about your wellbeing,  how you can physically and mentally recharge, what will support you to do this and how can your manager support you?

RE-FOCUS- As we head into long-term recovery,  what are your hopes and aspirations for the future?  Take some time to set some work and personal objectives  for the next 12 months


In order to engage with the appraisal process and work collaboratively to ensure a meaningful review takes place the following steps can be used for guidance:


What do you need to do before your appraisal?

  • Download the correct paperwork from below
  • Allow time to prepare
  • Gather evidence of training completed including Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and registration if the role requires professional qualification.
  • Get a copy of the teams objectives and download the Trust’s Values and Behaviours and Trust Objectives
  • Think about how your role and your work will link to these for the next year


What will happen at the appraisal?

  • An open discussion should take place providing an opportunity for staff to reflect and refocus
  • The appraisal paperwork will be completed
  • During the appraisal process alignment to the Trust’s values, behaviours and objectives will be discussed to make sure everyone within the organisation is moving  towards the same goals
  • Objectives will be agreed and set following discussion about goals for the year ahead and how they support the Trust objectives, career aspirations and potential as well as identification of any support needed to ensure completion of objectives and ability  to reach potential


To re-familiarise yourself with the Trusts vision, values and objectives please visit:

Managers only: For guidance and information on how to input completed appraisals in ESR please visit:





There are a range of resources to support you throughout the appraisal process these are available on our Bitesize Learning pages.

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