Bank Shifts

How do I get a Bank post?

If you are already working in the Trust it is relatively straightforward to join the Bank; just come and collect one of our Internal Bank forms from the Nursebank office, complete in full and ask your Manager to sign. Drop back in to Nursebank and your Bank post will be open 7-10 days later.

How do I know what shifts are available?

Once your Bank post is open you will be able to view available bank shifts through EOL. (See related sites below)

How do I book a bank shift?

Available shifts can be booked through your Employee Online; you can also call Nursebank and book with a member of the team (01625 661114).

How do I get paid for a bank shift?

You need to sign in and collect your timesheet at the Nursebank office before each bank shift, even if you have worked here before. Once your shift is completed you can drop your timesheet off either, within the Nursebank office, the blue timesheet box in the corridor outside A&E, or the timesheet box outside the Nursebank office. 
If you are on monthly pay ensure your timesheet is with the Nursebank by the last day of the month, for those on weekly pay, ensure your timesheet is handed in each Monday before 9am.

When do I get paid for a bank shift?

For those on monthly pay you will get paid on the 28th of each month, please be mindful that monthly pay works a month in hand; for example, shifts worked in February will be paid at the end of March.
Weekly pay is paid each Friday.

How do I view my payslips?

You can view your payslips online through ESR. (See related sites below)

Who do I speak to about extra training?

You can access additional training through ESR, you can also speak to the Training team should you wish to book any extra training (01625 656530) or contact Nursebank staff direct.

What do I do if I am not well enough to attend work?

Call the Nursebank office at the earliest opportunity prior to your shift to inform us of your cancellation of shift(s). Nursebank does not accept emails; it must be a phone call.  If out of hours you can contact Night sisters/site manager via switchboard, and they will let us know during handover.

What do I wear?

If you are bank only you will be provided with two tunics (or dress if requested) and blue trousers. You will also need to wear black shoes that cover the foot.

  • Jewellery – simple gold band rings (no stones) and one pair of studs for earrings.
  • Nails – no varnish/acrylics allowed (bare nails).
  • Long hair to be tied up (off your collar).


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