Discounts and Offers for Staff

The NHS are being inundated with lots of generous discounts and free resources to show our staff and their families how much they value and support them.   We've tried to capture as many of these as possible via the links below, but if there are any we have missed please let us know by emailing the Trusts Staff Wellbeing Team at 

We offer free exclusive discounts to all NHS and government employees from companies such as....... 

Apple (up to 6% off), Vodafone (15% discount on monthly bills), BMW (save £3,736 off BMW 118i Sport 2019), The Beauty Expert (15% off), Vans (Extra 10% off sale), Footasylum (20% OFF Air Max 2019 range), Waterstones (25% off study guides) plus 100s of other local and national companies changing their offers daily. 

If you haven't done already it only takes a few minutes to register or re-register it's easy and FREE! 

Simply visit the link below then click 'Sign Up Now For Discounts' Which should appear to the right of the page and follow the instructions to start saving money now!

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