Introducing WageStream

Financial toolkit East Cheshire

We're so excited to introduce Wagestream, our brand new employee benefit.

Wagestream is a financial planning app that gives you complete control over your pay.

Wagestream gives you complete visibility over your past and future earnings. Use the app to see how much you've earned for each assignment, check your bank shifts have been logged, and access up to 30% of your earnings when you choose.

What you can do with Wagestream?

  • Track your worked and future earnings
  • Access up to 30% of your earnings instantly
  • Save from your wages automatically into a saving pot
  • Access free financial education, webinars and more!

When can I get it?

The app launched for all East Cheshire staff on Tuesday 22/6/21.

Want to know more?

See Related Links below to access a recording of the staff webinar.

How to sign up

Download Wagestream from the app store or google play store here then enter your email and follow the instructions.


Your money when you need it

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