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NHS Terms and Conditions (Agenda for Change) Staff

Your annual leave entitlement depends upon your length of NHS reckonable service. This means that if you have previously worked for another NHS employer, your service will count and it does not need to be continuous. Annual Leave entitlements are as follows:

Length of service

Annual leave + Public Holidays

On appointment

27 days + 8 days

After 5 years’ service

29 days + 8 days

After 10 years’ service

33 days + 8 days

The trust’s Annual Leave policy provides further details and can be found below. The Trust policy for calculating annual leave is in hours and we have a calculator (below) to help you work out your holiday entitlements. 

For more information on what counts as ‘Reckonable service’ please take a closer look  at the Salary and Service on Appointment Policy (below)

I work part time, how is my leave calculated?

If you are part-time, you are entitled to the same annual leave and public holidays as full timers, but this is then re-calculated on a pro rata basis for the hours you are contracted to work. The annual leave calculator will help you to calculate your pro rata entitlement.

How do I book annual leave?

You need to have approval from your line manager before taking annual leave; usually you will be expected to give 6 weeks’ notice however please speak to your manager to clarify the arrangements for requesting and approving leave within your department.

If you work in a rostered area, annual leave should be requested through your EOL account.  See related documents below for the request form used in non-rostered areas.

If you work in HR, annual leave should be requested through your MyESR account.  See the related page below for more details.

When does the leave year run from?

The annual leave period runs from 1st April – 31st March. If you join the trust part way through the year your annual leave for the first year will be reduced based on whole months worked within that year.

Can I be paid for annual leave not taken?

No - you should be provided with the opportunity to take all your annual leave in the leave year.

Can I carry leave over from one year to another?

You should be provided with the opportunity to take all your annual leave in the leave year. In exceptional circumstances up to one week of basic contracted hours may be carried over to the following year, with the agreement of your Line Manager.

What if I am sick whilst on annual leave?

Annual Leave cannot be taken if you are not at work due to medically certificated sick leave. The rules around this are complex so please refer to the Annual Leave Policy and Attendance Management Policy (both below).


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