What is TOIL?

Toil is Time off in Lieu is an extra time of 15 minutes or more worked on top of your normal contracted hours

How do I claim TOIL?

Any extra hours worked should be agreed by your line manager before being worked and should only be used as required by the service

When can I claim TOIL?

If you have a project with a short deadline, that is of benefit to the service or you have asked to attend an event or meeting outside of your normal working hours.

How is TOIL recorded?

The ‘Flexible Hours – Time off in Lieu Personal Record’ should be completed (located on HR Direct) and signed off by your line manager.

How much TOIL can I accrue?

The maximum hours that should be accrued should be no more than 7.5 hours (I day) in a 4 week period.

Can I take TOIL if I leave the late in order to miss the rush hour traffic?

No, as this was not at the request of your line manager

When can I take TOIL back?

TOIL can be booked within 48 hours of accrual, with the authorisation of your line manager

It is important to note that TOIL will only be recognised when worked in response to a request by a line manager