Vehicle Management

Any staff who purchase or have use of a new car that has not been used for Expenses claims will need to ensure they follow the process below to add their new car to the system.

The “New Vehicle Template” must be completed and returned to

the ESR Systems Team prior to creating your claim. 

See 'Related Documents' below.

The information required is as follows:

  • Vehicle Ownership - Private, Lease.
  • Make – for example Ford, Volkswagen.
  • Model  - for example Escort, Golf.
  • Vehicle Type – for example Car, Van, Motorbike.
  • Fuel Type - Petrol, Diesel. Electric.
  • MOT Expiry Date - date shown on your current MOT certificate (if applicable)
  • Road Tax Expiry Date
  • Insurance Expiry Date - date shown on your current insurance policy
  • eExpenses Approver Name 

If you have access to more than one car for business travel then please provide details of any additional vehicles on the Vehicle Template.

We will e-mail to advise when the vehicle is available in the allocate eExpenses system and up-date the expense approver to complete the relevant Insurance and MOT (if applicable) checks. Please provide copies to your Manager/approver to complete their checks.


Staff Travel Booking from for Ticket Costs over £35

Local journeys and travel tickets under £53.00 are to be paid for and claimed back via eExpenses - Creating a Travel Entry. 

All other public travel and flight tickets should be processed via the Staff Business Travel Booking Form and emailed to



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