Retirement and Flexible Retirement

Does the Trust offer any pre-retirement planning workshops?

Yes these workshops run throughout the year, and you can book a place by contacting the training admin team on 6530 or 

I wish to retire, what do I do?

You should review the Flexible Retirement Policy (below) which has full details of the retirement options available to you. Choosing the right time to retire can be a difficult decision, therefore the Trust offers a number of options to facilitate the transition from work to retirement.

You should complete a retirement application form (below) once you are clear on your way forward, and have a meeting to discuss your plans with your manager.

If you wish to claim your pension, you should also contact the payroll department on 01244 366610 who will be able to send you the necessary paperwork (AW8) to apply via the NHS Pensions Agency. The agency website also contains a host of useful information; see related sites below.

Any member of staff who retires from employment at the Trust after 20 years of service will be eligible for a retirement function. Speak to your manager about this

Can I retire and return to the Trust?

Yes this is a possible, however all applications are dependent upon service needs at the time of application and it should not be assumed that such applications will be automatically accepted. The Trust will endeavor to support requests as far as possible. For more information please refer to the Flexible Retirement Policy  and arrange discuss this with your manager.

How do I get a pensions projection?

The pension team should be contacted for general pension enquiries, including estimates for individuals approaching retirement on 01244 366610 or

What happens if I want to retire before my normal age of retirement?

You can take early retirement under the NHS Pension Scheme and the minimum retirement age depends on which section of the scheme you are in. However your benefits will be reduced to cover the extra cost of receiving a pension for a longer period.

For information on your normal pension age, please refer to the NHS Pensions Agency Website ( see related sites below)

I want to apply for ill health retirement, what should I do?

If you think ill health retirement applies to you, you should read the ‘ill health retirement assessment’ fact sheet (see related documents below) and complete form AW33E which the Trust will obtain for you. Please speak to the HR team and your manager for more information.

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